Retirement Savings/Investment Illustrator

This tool will help you evaluate how much your current retirement savings/regular investment will be worth upon retirement. The tool will also show you how long this savings/investment will last you in retirement, based on your input of desired retirement income per year.

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Lump Sum Top Up

Eg. Extra cash gained from bonus and are placed into the investment

Lump Sum Withdrawals

Eg. Taking out $20,000 at a certain year to pay for child's education

Did You Know?

A general rule of thumb, an optimal amount of retirement income is by withdrawing 5% of the investment amount annually. Doing so can help to minimise the risk of pot dwindling and running dry within the retirement period while ensuring the payout stays inflation-proof.

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By the time you are about to turn 64 years old, you would have contributed $120,000. Your retirement funds could be worth
Growth of 150%btn-icon
Based on a retirement income of $12,000, your investment will be able to last you till 80 years old!
Take Note!
Based on a retirement income of $12,000, your investment will only be able to last you till 65 years old! You will be missing income for 49 years!
At the age of 80
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Total Withdrawalbtn-icon
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Growth of 253%

* Note that all these figures and charts are just a general guideline, please contact your licensed financial adviser for a more holistic analysis.